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satellite1.jpgsatellite2.jpgBird1.jpgBird3.jpgBird2.jpgNewDyptich.jpgBlue Dragonfly on Tangerine FieldBlue Dragonfly on Iris on Yellow FieldRed Dragonfly on Blue/Purple FieldBlue Dragonfly on Gray FieldRed Dragonfly on Green FieldTangerine Dragonfly Lily Pad No 1Tangerine Dragonfly Lily Pad No 2Sussex Rooster on Chartreuse GroundJeremy and Sue - London UKWandering ThoughtsRed, Yellow and Tangerine Tulips on Green Gray GroundTulip Bunch in Black %26 WhiteTurkey on Mustard GroundLinear ConfusionWhite Noise in Full Color